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I went on the most amazing chiropractic mission trip in January of 2012.  The day after New Years I boarded a plane for the Dominican Republic.  While I was there we went to several Haitian refugee camps located in the remote jungles of the Dominican Republic.  The people in each of the little villages lined up down the dusty dirt neighborhood roads in order to get chiropractic care.  Each village had so much pride and happiness to share - they were thankful for everything that God had graced them with.

The kids were the best.  They were fascinated with the technology that we had in our phones and cameras.  Everywhere we went they had to be with us and help us carry our equipment.  When Josh Wilson (a chiropractor in Oklahoma City) and I would walk the neighborhoods it was nothing to have a string of five children attached to each finger.   

I have shared some of the best pictures of our trip!

I hope you enjoy them. 

Mission Trip 2012

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